Presidential Posts


I would like to thank the previous committee for the support I received during my time as Vice President and also for the incoming Committee for 2020.
I am very pleased with way in which we have all worked around this covid 19 which has made life very difficult not only for the Shed but for everyone.
As a Committee we had to make decisions about the running of the shed to make it a safe environment for everyone that attended. I really appreciate every single person that made this happen.
I am committed in continuing to run the shed in the form in which it is intended. – to be a Happy  and comfortable place for men to be and for the comradery  that the Men’s Sheds are known for and I am always willing to listen and help anyone that needs it.
If you know anyone that is looking for friendships or to continue in their given trades or to learn new trades after retirement please encourage them to come along.
I have had some great fun over the years meeting new members and talking to old members and sharing our past experiences.
I think the Shed might need a new saying “YOU’LL NEVER NEVER KNOW IF YOU NEVER HAVE A GO”
To my Committee
Albert “secretary extraordinaire”
Ian Lupson – Mike – Peter Wilkinson – Stan – Peter Canning – Ian –  Kevin -Dale and Milton
I am confident that we can all work together as previously done so and have a great 2020