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Kevin Swaffield Health and Safety Officer


When the Shed was closed due to the COVID-19 all the equipment was placed into storage mode, as we expected a long shutdown. Due to the work of the VMSA in dealing with the authorities, Victorian Mens Sheds were able to open on June 1, much earlier than we expected. This has produced some significant changes to the previous way we operated the Shed. Some sheds have elected not to open due to the strict requirements.  To make sure that all members are aware of the new requirements, members on their first visit to the shed must sign a form agreeing to abide by the new and changing requirements. Members will then be briefed on the current regulations under the COVID-19 requirements as applicable to the shed members by either myself, or one of the other appointed health supervisors, Dieter Jankovic or Peter Canning These members will be wearing an orange hi viz vest. I thank them for assisting in implementing these new procedures.

At the time of writing this report, we are allowed 18 members in new shed, 20 in old shed, 10 in club room, 2 in coffee area, 2 in office, and 3 in welding shop. Sign in books are in each area, and you are only required to sign in once, in the area you expect to spend the most time.   The clubroom area is for Members who are not going to use the workshop facilities. Members who are using the workshop facilities are requested to refrain from sitting in this area.  Additional tea/coffee making facilities are in the new shed and welding shop.

On arrival at the Shed, members are requested to use the provided hand sanitiser prior to using the sign in pen. This means that every member entering the shed has clean hands.

There is no food provided at the shed at this time. If you require food, please bring your own for personal use only.  Please bring your own drink cup and take it home for washing.  Doing this removes many requirements involving the food handling regulations.     

We have been awarded a grant from Hume City Council to purchase automatic hand sanitisers, and these will be installed shortly for permanent use. 

While the new rules are causing some minor inconvenience to shed operations, our primary concern is the health and safety of our Members attending,

The opening was short lived as we again had to shut down on the 9th July 2020 for at least 6 weeks.