Secretary’s Report, 2015

Dear Members                                      

We have just held our 4th AGM and the minutes  have been ‘posted’ to all members who have an email address.

Time has flown since the Hume Men’s Shed (Sunbury) was first started in October 2010 with the membership growing each year. We now have over 80 members with new applications being discussed at each monthly committee meeting.

As a result of this success the committee is looking to expand the shed by at least half again in area to cope with the growing demand for space. Dialogue has been opened with all three levels of government to assist in this endeavour.

We are now open 5 days per week which is also an indication of the need and value the shed is to the local community. The skills base within the membership is extensive and there does not seem to be any project we are approached to do that cannot be done.

As well as a Web Master (the technical person behind our web site) we now have a web site administrator who is responsible for the day to day, week to week running of the site. The administrator will chase up content to upload on a regular basis as well as getting behind a camera himself, and seconding others, to produce videos and pictures that will be of interest not only to our own membership but to other sheds throughout the country.  It would also be interesting to post details of the many projects we have already completed since we started.

Over to you Administrator!

 Happy Shedding.

John Hunter