New opening times


New opening times

From 20 September 2014 the Shed will open on Saturday afternoons on demand.

It is a good time to remind prospective members of some of the guide lines for our “Men’s Shed”.

  • All adult men are welcome, not just retirees
  • Due to Health and Safety issues in a workshop the Shed is alcohol free. I.e No alcohol is allowed on the property.
  • After a few visits to find out if the shed suits your requirements you would be expected to become a financial member of the Shed.

Our Men’s Shed is not just a woodworkers workshop, we do have extensive woodworking and metalworking facilities, but there is also a quiet lounge and kitchen area with computer facilities and a large TV.  You are welcome to use your culinary skills to help provide a variety of lunches each Friday.  In fact,  please do.


In The Beginning ….

There was a shed, just a big shed, nothing but a shed :-

And a few good men raising money selling sausages at Sunbury Bunnings

Following many kind donations of time, money and equipment. The members of the shed turned it into a functioning, sometimes chaotic, environment for the expression of their many and varied skills.

Sunbury Bunnings store supports the shed in many ways one of which is by issuing vouchers in exchange assembly of store stock, in this case wheelbarrows.

Shed Refurbishment

The Shed is fully operational with the machinery shed,  woodworking, metal work machinery going full steam as members make and repair all sorts and a large variety of things.  There are many skills and actually several thousand years of experience represented in the shed.  A request for more varied machinery tells us the Members have a hunger for work which is a very healthy sign.  Congestion is sometimes experienced and plans are afoot for expanding the metal working and storage areas.