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A group of car enthusiasts from the Shed recently visited the Fox Car Museum at Docklands kindly organised by Allan Dyer who is a volunteer.

The Fox Classic Car Collection includes more than 50 prestige vehicles collected over a 30 year period by Lindsay Fox. The collection includes Bentley, Ferrari, Jaguar, Porsche and Mercedes Benz marques. These cars are housed in the historic Queen’s Warehouse in Melbourne’s Docklands precinct. The building itself has an interesting history being a former customs building and tenanted by the government printer in the early 1900’s

Some  notable cars were seen and admired by all.  Not only did we enjoy Ringo Starr’s 600 Grosser Pullman Mercedes, there was a $10m 540K Mercedes Benz, , together with a past possession from the stable of John Law’s Derby Bentleigh … the man with the golden tonsils.  Many thanks Allan.

Allan is our Sunbury Shed Celebrity Parking meter Collector and is the only “Bloke” in the Shed with a Rolls Royce….being a lifelong RR enthusiast.  Good on you Allan.


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